Ultimate Tugrrr Tug Toy Play Pack + FREE Shipping

Ultimate Tugrrr Tug Toy Play Pack + FREE Shipping

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Create a new tug toy every time you play tug-of-war to keep your dog happy and active! You'll tire your dog out fast with that new toy joy!

Connect & Play With 3 Different Toy Combos

  • Super Durable Rubber Ring
  • Rope Lure Flirt Toy
  • Rope Stick For Fetch Too

Get Your Tugrrr Tug Toy Play Pack, For A Limited Time Only At 40% Off!

Ships in 3-5 days.

Super cushioned handle and flexible design are easy on your arm and hand so you can play more.

Play awesome games of tug and then detach the rope stick to play fetch too.

No toy is indestructible, that why we designed the tugrrr with detachable ends. When a toy eventually wears out replace with a new one and keep your handle.
more tugrrr tug toy ends

 Watch it in action!

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