Lure Tugrrr

Lure Tugrrr

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The bright and colorful rope LureTugrrr will ignite the inner puppy in any dog. Great for awesome games of tug-o-war inside or out. It is made out of blue and white cotton rope. Fibers are strong, durable and woven into a knotted lure. Thinner middle rope allows dogs to get a great bite on this toy. At the end is the standard Tugrrr connector buckle that works with all Tugrrr Toy Handles.

  • Made of Cotton Rope
  • Blue and White Color
  • Connects to Original Tugrrr
  • Fun and Durable Toy
  • 10 inch toy length, 1 inch knot diameter
  • Made for Small to Medium Sized Dogs: 1 - 50 lb Dogs

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No toy is Indestructible. When the toy becomes too frayed or worn please discard and replace with another Tugrrr.

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