Progress and Product Improvements

As a new dog toy product developer, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products so they are safe and fun for all customers. Recently a customer reached out to let us know about a flaw in our connection clip canvas breaking while playing with her 75 lb. Labrador. 

We were so grateful to receive this feedback as it pushed us to design an even tougher and stronger handle and clip connection. Although the handle clip connection failed for them the toy connection was sound and intact so we'ver replicated that process for our handle connections as well. We now ship all of our tugrrr handles with a new improved six line double stitched connection over a double layered canvas webbing and improved secured handle ropes. The connection previously did not have a larger overlapping area of canvas and it had only two double stitched lines so this is a huge improvement. 

Here you can see the new design although it is hard to see the new stitching as it is black thread on black canvas webbing. If you're a customer and had a clip connection come undone please contact us and we'll replace your tugrrr handle free of charge.

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