How to play tug of war with your dog the right way

If you've never played tug of war with a dog before it can be intimidating. I remember when I first brought Teeko home, I had never had a dog before, and when he growled and pulled on a toy I wasn't sure if I should keep playing with him that way. 

But once I learned how to properly play the game with him and make sure I was in charge it was great.

Here are 7 great instructional articles on how to play tug of war with your dog the right way.

How to play tug of war with your dog the right way

1. Playing Tug-of-War with Your Dog

Step by step rules of the game.

Teeko playing with ball tugrrr tug of ware game

2. Teaching Your Dog to Play Tug-of-War

Yes, we can all learn new tricks.

Woman playing tug of war with dog

3. Dos and Don’ts of a Tug-of-War Dog Game

Know the right and wrong way to play.

4. VIDEO - How to Play Tug of War with Your Dog - the Right Way - to Improve Your Connection

There's no better way to learn that watching someone do it. Right?

5. How to Play Tug-of-War With Your Dog

Detailed instructions for large dogs.

Woman playing tug of ware with dog

Cavan Images/Iconica/Getty Images

6. Playing Tug of War With Your Dog

Commands and tips to try.

Small dog playing tug of war with ring tugrrr toy

7. Playing Tug of War with Your Dog

Having confidence.

We hope these great tutorials have helped you learn the cues and commands to follow to have a great game of tug of war with your dog.

A great tug toy with a comfortable handle will also make the game more enjoyable. Check out our selection of various sizes and color tug toy handles here.

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