Get Your Dog To Place Easy! [VIDEO]

Dogs Sitting In Place

Getting your dog to run to a specific 'Place' and stay there can be extremely useful when training.

It also teaches them to relax and calm down.

When you are cooking dinner, when someone knocks at the door or they are begging someone for food at the table it's great practice to exercise.

Instead of always telling them - NO or STOP THAT - we can give them something constructive to do instead.

This is great because they learn what we want them to do instead of just a negative about a thing we don't want them to do.

If you think about it similar to teaching small children it makes a lot of sense.

Instead of just yelling at them for coloring on the walls with crayons and putting them in timeout - we give them a paper pad they can color on. 

So your dog is whining for your hamburger - teach him to go to 'Place' and wait til your done eating and reward him for it. 

So how do you do this...

We'll here is a quick VIDEO you can watch to get the gist of it right away

Ok, so let's break this down into easy, simple steps:

  1. get some food treats about the size of peas (plain chicken or string cheese works great)
  2. get a placemat (this helps dogs visualize where they should go - if you want a stylish one check out these designer mats here)
  3. bring your dog to the mat and say 'Place' then reward with food - do this a few times
  4. move further away and say the 'Place' once - when they go to the mat, reward. If they don't go, lead them over then reward
  5. Use your release word, we use 'Break', to allow them off the mat

Practice these steps each day and progressively have your dog stay on the mat a minute longer.

When you get to about 10 minute stays on the mat you can introduce further distances from the mat before you say the command and even introduce other distractions. 

You might hear some noises in the video - someone was opening and closing the fridge - and this did not deter my dog Teeko from going to his 'Place'.

Let me know if you have other tips for practicing the 'Place' command in your home.

Happy Training


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