Get Your Dog To Come Every Time

Have you ever struggled to get your dog to come when called? You get super frustrated calling and yelling for them - and looking like a fool when they completely ignore you.

I feel you, I was there once too.

Thankfully, there is a better way.

Foolproof Dog Recall

Through trial and error, and some great advice from expert trainers, I've discovered the foolproof steps you need to take to get your dog to come when called.

6 Steps To Get Your Dog To Come:

  • Have the right mindset - be calm, your dog picks up on this
  • Pick a distraction-free location - introduce distractions slowly
  • Say "come" then back step quickly to get your dog to naturally chase you - always move away not toward them after giving the command
  • Use verbal praise when they start moving toward you - then all the pets and cuddles when they successfully reach you or a treat - but not before
  • Introduce distractions and further distances - practice near a busy path or on the outside of a fenced-in dog park with a long leash
  • Use these methods in daily walks so it becomes second nature

After you master this you can move to more advanced off leash training.

These same steps are used by expert dog trainers around the world. People like Doggie Dan and others use these very steps to help 1,000s of people get their dogs to come back to them on cue and you can too.

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