Exercise Your Dog In 10 Minutes A Day

Dog's need exercise everyday, plain and simple.

Many of our dogs aren't getting enough exercise. It seems there is never enough time in the day to do everything, am I right? The alarm didn't go off, your kid missed the bus, something came up at the office and you're going to be home late - the list goes on and on. So how can we keep our dogs active in the quickest amount of time?

How To Exercise Your Dog In 10 Minutes

  1. Go get a tugrrr or other tug toy of choice to play with your dog.
  2. Set a kitchen timer or phone timer to 10 minutes.
  3. Play tug of war with your dog.
  4. Let him win sometimes, it's good for their ego.
  5. Other times make him release the tug toy by using your release command and reward him with more play after he does.
  6. When the timer goes off say "All Done" or other verbal cue to note the game is over.

How To End The Game Without Mayhem!

Most dogs will want to keep playing after ten minutes, it's just their nature. The key is to reward them for ending a good game. I like to give our dog Teeko a milk bone or dental bone afterward because it's quick in the morning but a nice walk, belly rub or favorite chew toy are great options as well.

How To Do It Everyday

Work it into your morning routine
Get up just 10 minutes earlier may be daunting for some but if you get it in early you're less likely to forget it or put it off. While you are waiting for someone to get out of the shower or the coffee to brew break out the tug toy and get your pooch some exercise.

Getting up early is not going to happen
If you're really not a morning person and play tug of war when you roll out of bed sounds like torture, try setting a reminder on your smart phone for when you come home. Another way might be to stick a note on your fridge or some other place you'll see it every day that says 'Play 10 Minutes of Tug'

Tug of War Is Great Exercise For Your Dog 

Muscle Work
Playing tug of war works several muscle groups in a dogs body. The front and back legs, core abdominal muscles and jaw muscles all get a work out while playing tug of war. It works these muscles in different ways than when a dog is just walking or running because they are actually pulling backward instead of propelling themselves forward. Working out these other muscles daily can help strengthen them and prevent injury later in life.

Aerobic Work
You know when you're done with a really good cardio workout and you're way out of breath? Maybe even a bit red in the face? The treadmill or smart watch tells you the stellar amount of calories have been burned. We'll that's what happens when your dog plays tug of war. After a good game, they are most likely panting or will go get a drink of water. You don't want to over do it but a good pant means they've gotten in some excellent Aerobic exercise. 

How do you exercise your dog daily? We'd love to hear how in the comments.


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