5 Experts Reasons To Play Tug-of-War With Your Dog

If you're here you love your dog, and you're probably curious if playing tug-o-war is a good thing to do with your dog. We here at Tugrrr believe 100% that playing tug-o-war is great for you and your dog. But of course, we defer to smarter more experienced experts to guide us on the best ways to keep our dogs happy and healthy.

Expert reasons why playing tug-of-war with your dog is great.

We all want our dogs to be happy, and they usually are, but keeping them healthy and well exercised can be a challenge. Everyone is always soo busy. When did this constant busyness happen? We also, however, want them to be well behaved and mannered and sometimes a tough game of tug can seem contrary to this.

Here are five really excellent reasons from top dog experts on why it's a great to play tug-o-war with your dog.

  1. Playing Tug of War with your Dog By Jolanta Benal, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, The Dog Trainer
  2.  8 Reasons to Play Tug of War with Your Dog - Pets Best
  3.  Teaching your Dog to Play Tug-of-War - WebMD
  4.  The Benefits of Tug-of-War - DogHealth.com
  5.  Can Playing Tug-of-War Make a Dog Dominant? A Scientific Study Dispells the Myth. - Helping Pets Behave - Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science + Applied Animal Behavior Science

Well, there you have it. Five really good experts articles with multiple reasons on why you should play tug-o-war with your furry best friend from top dog industry experts. We hope we've helped you become more familiar with the benefits of this awesome game and inspired you to start or keep playing tug-o-war with your dog.

When we first adopted Teeko I was concerned about playing tug-o-war with him. I wasn't used to dogs or playing with them. I wasn't familiar with play growling and this was concerning. Once I learned more about what playing tug-o-war was supposed to be like and how as the owner you can control and guide the game I was hooked. We now play tug-o-war every day with our Tugrrr Tug Toys and it's great.

Tell us in the comments if playing tug-o-war has benefited you. 

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