4 Ways To Get Your Dog To Stop Barking

If your dog is bouncing off the walls barking, jumping and basically freaking out you're probably looking for ways to calm and quiet them down.

Are your neighbors complaining?

Maybe you've even stopped inviting friends over because of your dog's barking.

Well, it's time to take action and end the barking.

You CAN understand why your dog is barking and then take these steps to correct it.

  1. Because they want something - maybe they want a treat or a toy or just your attention
    What to do - Don't reward this in any way, give them a time out in place and wait and ignore them (if that doesn't work after 15 mins move to steps below)

  2. Because they think they are in danger - they hear or see something that sets them off barking
    What to do - stay calm and check it out, thank them for the alert then calmly walk away - they will learn the dangerous whatever is really no biggie

  3. Because they are home alone - your dog becomes anxious after you leave the house
    What to do - become your dog's leader and prep them for time alone

  4. Because they are over excited - they just can't contain their excitement
    What to do - Use quiet calm actions like a calm freeze to take control and calm them down

    [watch Dan's calm freeze video below to see it in action]


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